Welcome to my website! First, I would like to introduce myself. I am a designer, an interior decorator and art teacher with a very wide range of artistic interests and professional activity, such as  various genres of arts and crafts, book illustration, web design, computer graphics, digital art, and teaching (drawing lessons). I am a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Member of International Association of art AIAP UNESCO). 

My artistic vision combines considerably different artistic trends, which could be described, on the one hand, as a tendency toward decorative symbolism, and on the other hand, as a strive for realistic imagery and compositional austerity. At the same time, I am conceptually far from both literal naturalism and abstract art.

The Gallery showcases the diversity of my work in such genres of visual art as hot and cool batik, various kinds of graphics (Indian ink, watercolor, book illustration), wall-paintings (murals), interior decoration, digital art, web design, and others.

In the Art-lesson section you can find examples of my student's art work and see some of the learning process.

More information about me you can find in About Me section

I hope that each visitor of my web site will succeed in finding something interesting and inspiring here, because that was the main reason for its creation.